Newswire: Weekend Box Office: The fate of the flops

For about the sixth weekend in a row, the American box office belonged to family—the kind that goes in droves to movies about talking babies and dancing beasts, but also the surrogate kind Vin Diesel won’t shut up about. The Fate And The Furious repeated at No. 1, heisting another $38.6 million from the pockets of moviegoers who like a side of ride-together-die-together sentimentality with their wanton vehicular destruction. Now at $163 million in its second week, F8 was followed on the box-office charts by twin kid-courting hits The Boss Baby and Beauty And The Beast, holding down their positions with another $12.7 million and $9.9 million, respectively. So where did that leave the five new movies that opened in wide release on Friday? Choking on dust, for the most part.

The best performing of the newcomers also catered to all ages, go figure. Born …

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