Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Teens get scorched, IMAX audiences get frostbitten

You know the summer movie season is officially over when people start flocking to see films about subzero temperatures. Everest, that star-studded, mountain-climbing disaster movie, made a cool (see what we did there?) $7.5 million on 545 IMAX screens, ahead of its release this week in boring old regular movie theaters. It’s a pretty unprecedented move; though Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol jumped into large format first a few years ago, it did so on the strength of a pre-established franchise and a cushy holiday-season release date. Everest banked on audiences knowing that a movie about people foolishly scaling an enormous mountain demands to be seen on the largest screen possible, the better to appreciate its punishing glimpses into the awful abyss. We’ll have to wait another week to see how the film does in standard release, though it’s probably safe to declare this yet another victory …

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