Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Take me to church

In news sure to please churchgoing types always yelling at their grandkids to turn that hippity-hop nonsense down, Jesus Christ himself—i.e. the Evangelical drama War Roomtriumphed over baggy pants and swear words—i.e. Straight Outta Compton—at the box office this weekend. Surely, somewhere at this very moment someone is presenting War Room‘s No. 1 spot and $12.5 million three-day weekend haul as tangible evidence of the power of prayer. (Come on, like the producers didn’t have a prayer closet dedicated to the film’s box office.) Somewhere else, someone is presenting Straight Outta Compton‘s continued success—the film dropped to No. 2 in its fourth week after three weeks at No. 1—as tangible evidence of the power of nostalgia. Which you put your faith in is up to you.

Meanwhile, the long, lazy Labor Day weekend apparently put moviegoers in …

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