Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Sean Penn is not America’s jam

Turns out that Sean Penn’s particular set of skills does not include an ability to open a Taken knockoff as the über-serious Oscar winner failed to reinvent himself as Liam Neeson this weekend. The Gunman, his shot at aging-action-hero glory, opened in fourth place with a mere $5 million, which is probably less than what Penn spent on personal trainers for the role. Maybe the film was released too soon after a real Neeson joint (last weekend’s Run All Night, which edged it out for third place with $5.1 million). Or maybe America just prefers when Penn’s humorless rage is directed not at ruthless mercenaries, but at award show hosts with the gall to make jokes at Jude Law’s expense. Either way, don’t hold your breath for The Gunmen.

If The Gunman‘s meager intake suggests a waning national interest in older dudes kicking …

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