Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Pixar pulls into first, but will probably lose the race

June belongs to Pixar, usually. Just about every year, right around the official first day of summer (as opposed to the start of the summer movie season, which most recognize as the first weekend of May, even though “summer movies” now open year-round), the house that Woody and Buzz built releases another zippy and technologically breathtaking animated adventure. And they almost always open atop the box office. Cars 3 is no exception: The third installment in an ongoing franchise about vehicles that think they’re people sped into first place this weekend, easily besting the three other new wide releases that opened against it. But at $53.5 million, its first-weekend gross was one of Pixar’s softest ever, ahead of only the studio’s first two features (Toy Story and A Bug’s Life), the relatively (and bafflingly) underperforming Ratatouille, and troubled production The Good Dinosaur.

It’s fitting …

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