Newswire: Weekend Box Office: No shit, Sherlock wins

The big box-office story of the weekend isn’t exactly, ahem, strange. So let’s bury the lede for a second and start with some good news: Small movies are doing gangbusters business in limited release. This past weekend saw the premiere of Jeff Nichols’ Loving, whose dramatization of a protracted civil-rights battle earned $169,000 on just four screens to become the fifth best opening of the year, in terms of per-screen average. It’s not the only indie success story of the season. There’s also The Eagle Huntress, debuting with more than $50K on the same number of screens—a very solid number for a documentary. Qualified congratulations are also in order for Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden (inching close to a million in its third weekend, which is a great haul for a subtitled erotic thriller) and Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women (also approaching nine digits …

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