Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Kids see the darnedest things

Are America’s babysitters all on strike? Faced with an apparently widespread need to preoccupy their offspring for a couple hours, parents descended upon the nation’s multiplexes in droves this weekend, products of their combined DNA in tow. Teenage ushers could only gape in horror as popcorn-spilling tykes filed into soon-to-be-trashed auditoriums, flanked by their accompanying adults, to watch beauties woo beasts, babies act like bosses, and little blue creatures from their parents’ youth attempt to reinvent themselves as 21st-century franchise stars. (Or maybe not to watch any of those things; kids have been ignoring the movie in front of them just fine for years without the newfangled aid of literal jungle gyms in the theater.)

All of which is to say that the box office belonged, on this early April weekend, to that most nebulous of genres, the family film. At the top of the charts sat last …

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