Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Johnny Depp mustache himself where it all went wrong

At the eruption of every volcano, mustaches fall, and at this, the burning ember end of Johnny Depp’s once-explosive stardom, the actor mustache himself a question: How much longer can I play a supporting role to a hairpiece? Judging by the returns for Mortdecai—which has become Depp’s fifth box-office bomb in a row (not counting his small Into The Woods role, in the full-body wig of the Big Bad Wolf)—the question has become as pointed as the whiskers that he and Mortdecai‘s producers found so inherently hilarious, and every bit as soaked in tears.

Not as enamored with mustache gags, audiences rejected the comedy where Depp stockpiles foppish accents, funny hair, and outlandish clothes like he’s prepping to ride out a blizzard, giving it a mere $4.13 million for a ninth-place finish. To put that in perspective, it’s less than half what …

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