Newswire: Weekend Box Office: It Follows is a hit or a flop, depending on who you ask

Is David Robert Mitchell’s terrific indie creepshow It Follows the sleeper hit of the season? Or is it a box-office flameout—a case of a little movie brought prematurely to the big arena of multiplexes, where it couldn’t really compete? After the film did gangbusters business for a couple weeks in limited release, the Weinsteins basically took it wide this weekend; on about 1,200 screens, it made roughly $4 million, landing in fifth place on the charts. Forbes, for one, thinks that qualifies the movie as a bona fide flop—and indeed, if this were a Blumhouse production or a Platinum Dunes release, there’d be no other way to talk about it. But It Follows made its modest sum without conventional marketing or a single bankable star. It’s a low-budget indie running on great reviews and word-of-mouth. By that metric, the movie could be considered …

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