Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Fine, Ryan Reynolds, you can have a superhero franchise

Fourth time in the tights is apparently the charm for Ryan Reynolds. In a truly touching display of get-back-on-that-horse perseverance, the Hollywood actor has finally scored a hit superhero series, soldiering past the three previous indications that America had little interest in seeing him play a comic-book character. Deadpool is an enormous hit, even bigger than the box-office gurus were anticipating. And despite all of its irreverent, profane insistence that it’s no normal superhero movie, the film sure performed like one: Those squarer, notably absent X-Men have yet to post the kind of numbers their (potential) future teammate did over the holiday weekend.

Like a trio of thugs hilariously felled by a single bullet, Deadpool shattered multiple records in one shot: Opening to the tune of $135 million—with more to add once Presidents’ Day is over—the film scored the biggest bow ever for an R-rated movie, a …

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