Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Fantastic Receipts And Where To Find Them

Underestimating the loyalty of J.K. Rowling fans is truly a fool’s errand, an assertion proven correct by the (ahem) fantastic performance of the first of five Harry Potter spin-offs, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, at the box office this weekend. Middling critical reception wasn’t enough to dissuade a generation that arguably gives more credence to Hogwarts houses than religious affiliations from seeing the film, and Fantastic Beasts brought in $75 million at the domestic box office, a decisive victory over No. 2 contender Doctor Strange‘s soft $17.6 million. (Eddie Redmayne and company also pulled in an additional, impressive $143 million overseas.) That’s still abracadunderperforming compared to Box Office Mojo‘s prediction of a $90 million opening weekend, but considering this wasn’t a Disney release, that may have just been magical thinking.

Speaking of soft, this was a positively flabby weekend for …

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