Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Did The Cobbler actually come out in theaters?

This might sound like a funny question, but did The Cobbler—a movie The A.V. Club reviewed this week, starring the profitable Adam Sandler and directed and co-written by the generally well-liked Thomas McCarthy—actually come out in theaters?

Ray Subers of Box Office Mojo, this report’s usual source for weekend figures, doesn’t seem to think so; the movie doesn’t even have an entry on his site. Some have reported that the widely panned comic fantasy’s distributor cancelled the theatrical release at the last minute, opting to go straight to VOD, while others are claiming that it opened in between 17 and 20 theaters and made about $24,000, forcing this writer to fact-check this story the only way a modern journalist knows how: by searching Twitter.

So I went to see The Cobbler…it was nice. A bit cliche, but good. I enjoyed myself …

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