Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Deadpool is also bigger than the Gods Of Egypt

While a majority of the American moviegoing public’s attention was turned towards the Oscars, movie theaters remained open this weekend, either for those boycotting the event or who weren’t going to watch it anyway. And, for the third week in a row, a majority of those indifferent souls went to see Deadpool, which added $31 million to its $285 million-and-counting domestic haul. Next stop: Beating the all-time box office records for R-rated movies set by American Sniper and The Passion Of The Christ, reasserting the Merc With A Mouth’s dominance over Jesus Christ himself. It makes total sense, considering Deadpool is exactly the kind of movie that appeals to people who don’t give a crap about the Oscars.

Deadpool also handily beat Gods Of Egypt, which also makes sense because people who are boycotting the Oscars for being too white probably wouldn’t be pumped to …

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