Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Chicago goes for Chi-Raq, X-Mas comes early for horror fans

Despite months of controversy and recent cries for a boycott among prominent local entertainers, Chi-Raq is reportedly doing strong business in Chicago. Spike Lee’s ambitious satire about gun violence in The Windy City made $1.2 million nationwide this weekend; Amazon, which is getting into theatrical releases with the film, is reporting that its best business was in the town where it was shot and set. While a million and change wasn’t enough for Chi-Raq to break the domestic top 10, it’s pretty solid for a movie of its size and budget. It’s also Lee’s best debut since Miracle At St. Anna, and a bounce-back from that Oldboy remake just about everyone has forgotten about.

As expected, the final Hunger Games movie held down the No. 1 spot this weekend, adding another $18.6 million to its domestic haul. (Prediction: It continues to go all …

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