Newswire: Weekend Box Office: Calm down, you’ll get to throw money at the Avengers soon

Can you feel that buzz in the air, that static crackle of corporate synergy? Do you feel the sudden need to buy a Gillette razor, Kellogg’s brand cereal, or an Audi? It’s Avengers week here in the U.S., which means that everyone and their mother will soon be crowding into mall multiplexes to see the CGI likeness of several movie stars fight the CGI likeness of James Spader. (Look for the A.V. Club‘s review tomorrow afternoon.) But while America patiently awaits Age Of Ultron and the summer movie season it unofficially kicks off, the rest of the world has already pledged their allegiance to the blockbuster crossover event.

In a move that’s bound to make Captain America weep, Disney opened the Avengers sequel in a whopping 44 international markets this weekend. Because the language of giant green monsters fighting dudes in giant metal suits …

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