Newswire: Weed announces its final record, streams the psych-fueled “Favourite Hate”

Weed’s name is blunt—not that the Vancouver trio has time to be anything else. After the release of its upcoming third album Born Wrong Love on the tape-turned-vinyl label Smoking Room and a tour with Bugg in May, the reverb-soaked punks will be calling it a day. The A.V. Club is streaming “Favourite Hate,” the first song from Born Wrong Love that shows the band ending on a high note. Against a thick wall of fuzz, Weed takes the chest-rattling volume of My Bloody Valentine and adapts it to a concise punk song. At times it recalls Hüsker Dü if it kept things slow and little psychedelic, showing that if Weed’s going out, it’s doing it with a bang.

Born Wrong Love is out April 28 and pre-orders are available through Smoking Room on both tape and vinyl.

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