Newswire: WE tv president says reality shows are part of TV’s “golden age”

In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, WE tv President Marc Juris argues that reality TV “shouldn’t be left out” of the conversation about our new golden age of television. After all, Juris argues, his network helped introduce the word “bridezilla” into the cultural lexicon, and that should count for something.

His larger argument is that grouping all unscripted programming together conceals the true diversity of the genre. Juris writes:

The term “reality” is often misused as a “one-size-fits-all” label that fails to adequately characterize the wide range of different and distinctive shows identified with the genre. Deadliest Catch and Project Runway are as far apart as the Bering Sea and Seventh Avenue, yet we identify both as “reality TV.” Today, it seems we no longer use the word to describe the genre, as much as we do to indict it, even though a huge percentage of TV …

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