Newswire: WE tv decides it no longer wants to watch people have sex in the Sex Box

In what seems like a great setup for a whole bunch of erotic puns (which we will try to avoid), WE tv has pulled Sex Box from its schedule after airing only five episodes. That comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which said “WE tv yanks Sex Box,” because “yanks” is a word that people use all the time. “I’m WE tv, and I’m yanking Sex Box from the schedule.” Gross.

WE tv says the show was “bold” and that it “broke new ground,” but it didn’t “connect with large numbers of viewers.” In other words, America just wasn’t ready for a show in which judges watch couples have sex in a box and then critique their moves. (That’s what this show was about, right?) The titular Sex Box won’t be dismantled just yet, though, because WE tv is currently trying to reformat the show …

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