Newswire: Waylon Smithers will come out to Mr. Burns on The Simpsons this season

Season 27 of The Simpsons kicked off Sunday with narcolepsy-fueled dreams of Lena Dunham, but this year’s run won’t be a total snooze-fest. TVLine reports that Waylon Smithers, long-time C. Montgomery Burns admirer and Malibu Stacy fan, will have multiple episodes dedicated to his coming-out story. Showrunner Al Jean talked with the publication about what lies ahead for the Simpsons and their neighbors—aside from her marriage woes, Marge will also have legal troubles in the season finale. But before she heads to the slammer (again), the town will have a different non-scandal on its hands, as Smithers will reportedly come out to Mr. Burns.

Jean acknowledged that while most Springfieldians are aware of Smithers’ sexual orientation, his beloved boss—who until recently hadn’t heard of New Mexico—has remained oblivious. The executive producer said the show would “do a lot” with Smithers this year; the two …

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