Newswire: Watch this infomercial exclusive for the Rick And Morty season 2 Blu-ray, broh

The wait between seasons of Rick And Morty may have been recently shortened by Dan Harmon— and the number of episodes increased from 10 to 14—but the hiatus must still be borne by fans. Some of the more industrious among us have opted to recreate the grandfather and son in video games and Instagram accounts. But if you haven’t found a better way to while away the time than by playing Pocket Mortys, you can take heart in the news of the show’s season two Blu-ray release. Here, enjoy this snappy infomercial starring a guy who recently reconciled with his wife by agreeing not to watch Rick And Morty in their home (calm down, you haven’t heard her side of the story):

First of all, we think we speak for everyone who just watched that video when we say, “Good luck, you crazy love Birdpersons!” Secondly …

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