Newswire: Watch the exclusive video for Rachel Grimes’ haunting new single

Rachel Grimes is well known for her work with the indie rock chamber ensemble Rachel’s, and her new project shows that she works best with others. Even among the crowded music-video field, the new video for “The Herald,” off of Rachel Grimes’ upcoming solo album The Clearing, stands out. To give a sense of the breadth of the imagery, it was shot in Amsterdam, Venice, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Bethlehem. The broad palette of locales and scenery fits well with the song, a haunting, spare number that practically has wanderlust encoded into its DNA. The locations change with the variations in the song, each one adding a new timbre to the sound, and a new place to ponder.

The improvised saxophone solo by Jacob Duncan of Liberation Prophecy adds a melancholy but propulsive edge, like the forgotten player in some old Charles Mingus bootleg. (Which is fitting, given that …

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