Newswire: Wasp fights her way through time in this Avengers #3 exclusive

Next week is a big one for Nadia Pym, Marvel’s new Wasp. She’s stepping into the solo spotlight with her first ongoing series, The Unstoppable Wasp, and over in the pages of Avengers she’s racing through the timestream to save her superhero teammates from being killed as babies. The story of this latest Avengers volume from writer Mark Waid and artist Mike Del Mundo is pure superhero fantasy, featuring an army of time-travelling supervillains and a plot built on a tangled web of paradoxes, and it’s been an action-packed spectacle with a dynamic visual sensibility. Waid excels when he embraces the more fanciful elements of the superhero genre, and he’s given Del Mundo a narrative that allows him to flex his action muscles in the page layouts and panel composition.

Mike Del Mundo is one of the most exciting artists currently working in superhero comics …

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