Newswire: Warner Bros. thinks The Matrix needs a reboot

Having apparently missed the franchise’s various messages about futile cycles, unproductive patterns, and humanity’s soul-destroying tendency to keep doing the thing that sort of worked in the past, Warner Bros. has put plans to reboot The Matrix into motion. That’s per The Hollywood Reporter, which says that the studio has tapped X-Men and Avengers writer Zak Penn to write a script for a new Matrix film.

The Reporter notes that there are some executives at Warner who view The Matrix—the 1999 film that single-handedly changed the visual vocabulary of modern action movies, briefly threatened to lead a plucky Resistance of smart, visually dynamic sci-fi back into theaters, and gave asshole online conspiracy theorists new slang to describe their “self-aware” bullshit—as “sacrosanct.” But those folks are getting easily steamrolled by a monolithic, mechanistic force, one that knows that nothing gets butts in seats like a movie …

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