Newswire: Warner Bros. settles lawsuit with J.R.R. Tolkien’s family

Another J.R.R. Tolkien saga has come to an end, as Variety reports that the five-year legal battle between the Lord Of The Rings author’s estate and Warner Bros. has been settled. In 2012, Tolkien’s family, along with publishers HarperCollins, filed an $80 million lawsuit against the movie studio for copyright infringement over the use of the epic fantasy’s imagery for such garish Middle-earth concerns as “online slot machines and digital merchandising.” In asking luck to be a lady of Lothlórien, Warner Bros. had engaged in “digital exploitation,” because neither Tolkien’s heirs nor his publisher had okayed the use of his characters and lore for slot machines. But the defendant countersued, claiming it had lost “millions of dollars in license fees” from merchandising.

As far as licensing litigation goes, Tolkien’s family has been there and back again, having sued New Line/MGM Films in …

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