Newswire: Warner Bros. is planning a major Oscars push for Wonder Woman

That old saw about “comic books—they’re not just for kids anymore!” went out with pet rocks and orange shag carpeting, but even in 2017, when superhero movies carry the film industry on their muscular, rippling backs, the genre struggles for acceptance come Oscars time. Some people thought Deadpool had a shot at a Best Picture nomination last year after its surprise Golden Globes nods, but those people were being way too optimistic, especially about an R-rated comedy where Ryan Reynolds says “fuck” a lot. Not even The Dark Knight, which gave Health Ledger a posthumous award for his role as The Joker, was nominated for Best Picture.

And so, save for the sound and visual effects categories and Best Makeup and Hairstyling—the category that brought you the phrase “Academy Award winner Suicide Squad”—Oscars for comic-book movies remain a rarity. Warner Bros. is hoping to change that …

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