Newswire: Warner Bros. is developing a third season of Young Justice

In an unexpected twist that would be perfect for some kind of comic book based around the TV business, Warner Bros. has come from out of nowhere and announced that it’s actually making a third season of fan-favorite superhero series Young Justice. The original show was canceled by Cartoon Network back in 2013, with many fans loudly expressing their frustration over the loss of the surprisingly mature and well-written cartoon. Rumors have persisted ever since then about some network possibly reviving the show, but they’ve always seemed more like wishful thinking than anything—at least until now.

The show stars the sidekicks of the DC Universe breaking out on their own, with characters like Robin/Nightwing, Kid Flash, Superboy, Aqualad, and Miss Martian dealing with living up to their famous mentors, forging their own heroic paths, and struggling with the regular issues that real young people tend to …

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