Newswire: Warner Bros. buys the rights to sci-fi short Sundays, leaves rest of week intact

/Film is reporting that Warner Bros. has snapped up the feature film rights to Sundays, a dystopian video short from director Mischa Rozema. The project was years in the making, and was crowdfunded through Kickstarter as a way to pitch the concept to larger studios. Nearly three years and $51,000 later, the results are nightmarish, but in a good way.

Imagine a worker sentenced to a daily commute through burned-out urban hellscapes under the watchful eye of ubiquitous sentry cameras. Having made his trek, the poor soul is doomed to play the part of a sad and unfulfilled cog in the gears of industry. Meanwhile, the man suspects that this can’t possibly be all he is meant for, and is consumed by sepia-toned memories of a lover who may have been erased. Surely his lowly position must be the result of some shadowy influence striving to keep him …

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