Newswire: Warner Bros. assembles a Jason Segel-shaped Lego movie

Warner Bros. keeps snapping more pieces on to its rapidly expanding Lego cinematic empire. First, it was the obvious and logical decision to assemble a sequel to The Lego Movie, a massively successful critical and commercial hit. Next, someone at the company noticed that those Lego Ninjago sets seem to sell pretty well, so why not make a movie out of that, as well? Then, of course, was the clear realization that they had Batman in the first movie, and no one doesn’t make a Lego Batman movie when they’ve got a Lego Batman laying around, so that’s happening, too. But that still only leaves three Lego movies on the docket, which is a far cry from the infinite number Warner Bros. wants. So today comes word that yet another Lego film is in development, this one called Billion Brick Race.

This latest grand idea in corporate …

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