Newswire: Violence erupts on the set of Alfonso Cuarón’s new movie

Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón’s next project is a ’70s-set drama about a family living in Mexico City, and though that may not be as dramatic as some of his earlier efforts, it sounds like the production has plenty of its own issues. According to The Hollywood Reporter, some sort of fight broke out on the set this week when “city authorities” tried to shut down filming over a permit dispute, though initial reports claimed that the crew had actually been facing off against “a group of armed assailants.”

As it turns out, though, those armed assailants really did work for the Mexico City authorities, and they were reportedly responding to various complaints from neighbors that the production “had altered traffic flow on 20 streets.” The fight that broke out left “at least five crew members injured,” and the police have issued an apology for the “excesses committed” in the …

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