Newswire: Vincent D’Onofrio wants the Kingpin to fight Spider-Man next

Vincent D’Onofrio has clearly had a lot of fun playing Wilson Fisk on Netflix’s Daredevil show, but ol’ Hornhead has other bad guys to fight and the Kingpin has never really been happy settling down with only one nemesis. So it makes sense that D’Onofrio would be keeping an eye out for other Marvel heroes he could be battling. As reported by Screen Rant, though, there’s one costumed hero he wants to face off against more than anyone else: Spider-Man.

Over the weekend, a Marvel fan page tweeted at D’Onofrio to ask if he’d want to “have a showdown” with current Spider-Man Tom Holland, prompting D’Onofrio to enthusiastically respond that he would indeed be into it.

@vincentdonofrio would like to have a showdown with @TomHolland1996?

— Universo De Marvel (@UniversoDMarvel) February 26, 2017

Oh yes I would. Make it happen …

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