Newswire: Vince Vaughn’s Unfinished Business stock photos are pure corporate synergy

Unfinished Business, Vince Vaughn’s David-versus-Goliath comedy about an entrepreneur’s boardroom struggles, opens this Friday. The trailer looks fair-to-middling, and much of the humor seems to be mined from corporate clichés, the most desperate of which are those conveyed by stock photography. Enter Adweek, which presents a collection of Unfinished Business-themed stock photos that feature stars Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, and Dave Franco Photoshopped into classic business vignettes.

The boardroom deciders giddily cheering. The energized team crowding around a conspicuously brand-free laptop. The earnest young executive, presenting an upward-trending chart. Go-getters, on the go, getting it done with laughably out-of-date mobile phones. Spend a few minutes Googling “business stock photos,” and you’ll discover a whole new, sad, weirdly cyan-toned world of pantsuits, handshakes, and light-draped office space.

Of course, marketing synergy doesn’t happen in a bubble. While Unfinished Business gives a top-notch presentation, points have to …

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