Newswire: Vince Gilligan says to quit throwing pizzas on the roof of the Breaking Bad house

Hey, remember that episode of Breaking Bad where Walt tried to make a peace offering to Skylar by bringing a pizza over to his old house, only to throw it up on the roof of the garage in frustration after Skylar turns him away? And then he goes on a bender and ends up calling Skylar and berating her over the answering machine? That was pretty funny, right? And wouldn’t it be even funnier if you, a person who is not the fictional character of Walter White on Breaking Bad, took a pizza over to the same house and threw it up on the roof as a symbol of your own anger issues? Well, it’s not.

Apparently the referential pizza-throwing has become such an issue that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gillian was forced to address it on the Better Call Saul Insider podcast, where he said basically that …

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