Newswire: Vin Diesel predicts Furious 7 will win Best Picture, for real this time

It’s Oscar Night 2016, and some stuffy Hollywood establishment nerd prepares to read out the winner for Best Picture. He straightens his monocle and opens the envelope, but can only sputter, “N-no! This can’t be!” Finally, he collects himself and, sighing, reads the winning title to a gasping crowd. Vin Diesel, already crowdsurfing his way to the stage, crows, “There’s nothing in the rulebook that says a Fast & Furious movie can’t win Best Picture!” Dame Judi Dench faints.

That’s the kind of scenario Diesel has in mind, according to Variety. Demonstrating a downright Heidecker-and-Turkingtonian sense for what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences deems worthy of a Best Picture Oscar, Diesel told Variety as part of a cover story interview that not only does he believe Furious 7 will be the “biggest movie in history,” but it will “probably win best …

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