Newswire: Vin Diesel continues to cryptically hint that he’ll be in Inhumans

Master Puzzlelord Vin Diesel continues to leave cryptic, maddening hints that he might be in Marvel’s upcoming Inhumans movie, currently set for a November 2018 release. A few months ago, the thespian cluemaster posted a picture of his Guardians Of The Galaxy character Groot on Facebook, with the caption, “I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I’m Inhuman… Haha.” Haha indeed, one might robotically laugh to oneself after leaving a conundrum of such cunning and guile for amateur detectives to unravel. And now, the case is once again afoot, with Diesel posting a new Facebook picture of himself, wearing a shirt with the Inhumans logo in front of the words “Are you Inhuman?” WHAT COULD IT MEAN?!

Of course, it’s possible that Diesel is merely hinting that he’d really like to be in Inhumans, as opposed to semi-coyly commenting on his involvement in the project …

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