Newswire: Vikings’ Clive Standen to learn a particular set of skills on the Taken TV show

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vikings star Clive Standen will portray CIA operative Brian Mills in NBC’s straight-to-series-because-the-property-is-recognizable drama Taken. The role, of course, was originated by Liam Neeson in the popular film trilogy of same name: In the first film, after retiring from the CIA, Mill’s daughter is taken by human traffickers while traveling in France. In the sequel, Mill’s ex-wife is taken by the Albanian mafia while visiting Istanbul. In the final chapter of the trilogy, no one is really taken until the climax, unless you count the lives of half the cast and filmgoers’ hard-earned money.

The series will act as a prequel to the films, showing how Mills became a walking demolition derby who is hopelessly awkward when dealing with family members, unless they’re being held at gunpoint. We’re not sure if someone will be taken from him in the pilot …

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