Newswire: Viewers around the world can get an early preview of M. Night Shyamalans’ Wayward Pines

Fox’s new event series, Wayward Pines, doesn’t officially premiere until May 14, but—in a shocking twist—viewers all over the world will be able to see the first episode for free. Starting tomorrow, Variety says that people living in over 126 countries will be able to watch the episode through cable on-demand systems, Fox’s website, the Fox Now app, the international Fox Play app, Hulu, Facebook, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, the PlayStation store, Vudu, and Xbox Video. We don’t have a full list of the 126 countries, but it’s safe to assume that the United States is one of them, because we’re all very self-centered here.

Variety calls this stunt “the first global preview event,” and if you’re thinking that only a master like M. Night Shyamalan could pull off something so unexpected, you’re right. Well, not really, the marketing …

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