Newswire: Video game voice actors are on strike against 11 major studios

The video game industry has hit another big, unwieldy milestone in its maturity into the world of mass media today, with news coming that SAG-AFTRA voice actors are striking from performing in its games. The work stoppage is specifically aimed at 11 of the biggest companies in the games industry: Activision Publishing, Inc.; Blindlight, LLC; Corps of Discovery Films; Disney Character Voices, Inc.; Electronic Arts Productions, Inc.; Formosa Interactive, LLC; Insomniac Games, Inc.; Interactive Associates, Inc.; Take 2 Interactive Software; VoiceWorks Productions, Inc.; and WB Games, Inc. That covers most of the big-budget games out there, from Fallout 4 and The Last Of Us, to series like Call Of Duty and Assassin’s Creed.

SAG-AFTRA and the companies in question have been waging a heated war of words over the last few weeks, with the performers’ union claiming that its current contract with the companies—first written in 1994—fails …

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