Newswire: Verizon apparently bought AOL so it could develop mobile TV content

To some people, the news that Verizon had bought AOL for $4.4 billion was probably pretty surprising. For one thing, AOL is still around? And it does more than just pump out millions of those startups discs every day? Apparently yes, it does. These days, though, AOL is focused more on the content creation business, which is the fun, corporate way of saying that AOL pays people to make things, and then AOL puts ads on those things so it can make money off of them. It’s this revolutionary system of making things and putting ads on them that got Verizon interested—and not the city-sized warehouses of leftover startup discs.

Variety explains that Verizon made the deal so it could use AOL to create “the next generation of over-the-top video for mobile users,” which unfortunately has nothing to do with arm wrestling, rock music, or anything else …

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