Newswire: USA orders Ryan Philippe’s Shooter show to series

USA has pulled the trigger (sorry) on Shooter, the TV adaptation of a sort-of-remembered 2007 Mark Wahlberg military thriller. (No, not the one with Dennis Quaid and the multiple perspectives; that one was Vantage Point. Common mistake.) In any case, the network where characters are welcome is welcoming gun-hugging hero man Bobby Lee Swagger (a.k.a. Ryan Phillippe) into its ranks, having picked the show up to series.

Now, if it was us, we’d take advantage of the fact that no one remembers our show’s source material to go crazy, maybe throw in some space aliens or puppet romance or something. But it sounds like USA will be going with a plot that at least sounds like something that would happen in a show called Shooter, with Phillippe playing an “expert marksman living in exile who is coaxed back into action after learning of a plot to …

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