Newswire: USA could get more Satisfaction, doesn’t want to, cancels it

Pulling the trigger on one of its shorter-lived series (and saving us all from two more years of tortured Rolling Stones puns lurking in headlines in the process), USA has canceled its marital infidelity dramedy Satisfaction. The show, which starred Matt Passmore as a husband who responds to his wife (Stephanie Szostak) cheating on him with a male escort by becoming an escort himself—in the kind of story logic that would lead to Bruce Wayne transforming himself into a mugger, or Harry Potter into a murderous turtle man—ran for two seasons on the former Duckman home.

When the show first aired, our reviewer praised Satisfaction for its honest look at the struggle to find happiness in supposed domestic bliss. Since then—and we’ll be honest, we’re mostly going off of Wikipedia episode descriptions here—the show appears to have lost track of those more meditative roots …

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