Newswire: USA cancels Covert Affairs

Things are changing over at USA. The network, not the country. The country is just going to keep doing its whole “democracy and drone strikes” thing for a while, but over the last year or so, the USA network has canceled both Psych and White Collar and picked up a ton of new shows. There’s one about diplomats in the Middle East, a supernatural thriller about ghost murderers, a barely futuristic drama from Carlton Cuse that stars Josh Holloway, an alien abduction drama from the writer of Annabelle, a show about hackers starring teen heartthrob Christian Slater, and probably six or seven that we’re forgetting about. Now, according to Deadline, the network has also canceled spy drama Covert Affairs, making room for some of those six or seven other shows.

Deadline says Covert Affairs was pulling in fairly solid ratings when people who watch new episodes a week …

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