Newswire: Uptight Walking Dead stars to fans: We are human beings, please stop biting us

Those prima donnas on the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead have struck again, lobbing even more overblown complaints and requests at their dedicated fans. This time, Hollywood elitism has reared its ugly, toothy head in the form of former star Tyler James Williams—a.k.a. “Noah”—who joined snooty fan favorite Norman Reedus in making a completely unreasonable demand upon their legions of adoring watchers: “Please stop biting us,” they’ve prissily asked. “It’s not funny, and it hurts.”

The thin-skinned Reedus was apparently lavished with loving bicuspid attention at a convention last year, eventually hopping on Instagram to say “please don’t,” as though being on a show about people being eaten by zombies somehow doesn’t make it completely okay for folks to try to wolf down a chunk of his arm. Williams, meanwhile—who honestly should just be honored that fans want to …

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