Newswire: Upfronts 2015: Not your grandmother’s CBS

Speaking yesterday from a giant viewscreen suspended above the UN General Assembly Hall, ABC boss/likely owner of a secret volcano lair Paul Lee was insistent that his network’s fall lineup belonged to no one’s parents or grandparents. “This is not your grandmother’s Muppets,” he said of “grown-up” fur-and-foam mockumentary The Muppets. “This is not your parents’ Bible story,” he said about Of Kings And Prophets. Lee did not extend this line of argument to Uncle Buck, because with a title like that, this could absolutely be your racist grandfather’s Uncle Buck.

With ABC having barred anyone of child-bearing status from watching its new shows, you’d think the last refuge of the old, irrelevant, and the fiercely-protective-of-The Muppet Show would be that good ol’ broadcast equivalent of Geritol, CBS. But you’d be wrong.

The idea of the ‘old fogey network’ should be put …

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