Newswire: UPDATED: Ohio teacher convicted of felony for showing The ABCs Of Death in class

Substitute teachers showing movies during class so they don’t have to actually teach anything is a tradition nearly as old as “silent reading time.” But a court case currently unfolding in Columbus, Ohio asks if there is a point where a substitute stops being a glorified babysitter and starts becoming criminally negligent.

58-year-old Sheila Kearns has been charged with five felony counts of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles in relation to screening the horror anthology film The ABCs Of Death for five high school Spanish classes. Kearns’ defense attorney, Geoffrey Oglesby, argues that she didn’t know what The ABCs Of Death was about before she screened it, thought the movie was in Spanish (which it is, partially), and wouldn’t have showed it if she knew it contained graphic content. She also says that she had her back turned to the screen and thus didn’t see scenes …

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