Newswire: UPDATE: Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is about to get a ton of pork rectums in the mail

Although it hasn’t been as popular lately, a common tactic among fans who want to convince networks not to cancel their favorite shows is to mail in a bunch of physical objects that were somehow related to the series. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is soon going to be on the receiving end of a similar campaign, but instead of getting a bunch of marshmallows from Veronica Mars fans, he’s going to be getting a bunch of pork rectums from Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin. Also, the gesture is not because Ron Johnson is going to cancel Veronica Mars. It’s because he’s a coward.

For those who don’t follow Wisconsin politics, Johnson is essentially a loyal company man like human-shaped worm Paul Ryan. He’s anti-abortion, pro-gun violence, and hates “career politicians,” despite the fact that he’s been one for many years. The specific …

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