Newswire: UPDATE: There’s a good reason why Avengers 4 doesn’t have a title yet

Looks like it’ll be awhile before we learn the actual name of the fourth installment of the Avengers movies. Yesterday, we reported on how Marvel might be looking to shake up its cinematic universe following the events of the next two films of its tentpole franchise, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige discussing how whatever comes after Avengers 4 will be “very different”—studio speak for “we’ve got movie stars whose contracts will be finished.” And now, in a new interview with Cinema Blend, Feige confirms something that has been suspected for a while—namely, the reason the next film after Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t have an official title yet is because the one Marvel’s got is a massive spoiler.

The idea that the fourth film may include some surprising twists first took shape back when we learned the next two Avengers films were no longer …

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