Newswire: UPDATE: Fox News horrified by political undertones of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

The entire Fox News organization has many, many, many faults, and one of the most obvious ones is its general lack of awareness about anything that goes beyond its own little bubble. That’s why Fox News people tend to get shocked and offended by the lyrics in rap music, or bizarre Onion gags, or a relatively straightforward take on William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar that shifts the setting into modern times. That last one is the latest thing to cause a number of Fox News hosts to drop their monocles in horror, with Fox News Insider publishing a story today that features the headline: “NYC Play Appears To Depict Assassination Of Trump.”

Once again, that “NYC play”—which isn’t named in the post until the very end—is a modern spin on Julius Caesar (with characters wearing suits instead of robes), and it’s being featured as part …

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