Newswire: UPDATE: Fake news connoisseur Donald Trump hangs fake Time cover in his golf courses

Offering a possible explanation for why Donald Trump believes the whole of media is just “fake news,” The Washington Post reports that at least four of Trump’s golf clubs have framed copies of Time Magazine with his face on the cover—all of them fake. Trump, himself a tacky carnival midway prize that America has been forced to lug from one nauseating thrill ride to the next, appears to have had this amusement park staple mocked up solely for the purpose of bolstering his own ego, then had it hung in the giant, lavish golf courses where his own name already appears on everything. It is a pathetic additional glimpse into Trump that is petty, embarrassing, and galling in its arrogance, a familiar mélange of emotions that Trump might as well slap his name on also.

A Time Magazine with Trump on the cover hangs in his golf clubs …

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