Newswire: Upbeat band Coldplay to headline Superbowl 50 halftime show

If Roman numerals are the kind of thing that gets your blood pumping, the news that Super Bowl L would be switched to Super Bowl 50 was likely a crushing blow. If you’re in the even narrower cross section of the population that dislikes Coldplay as well as being a Roman numeral aficionado, maybe it’s best you skip our modern-day gladiatorial games’ biggest showcase altogether this time around. Variety reports the chipper U.K. quartet will perform for Super Bowl 50 attendees and TV viewers at halftime—the ones that aren’t busy using the bathroom or gathering more wings onto their plates, that is.

Although Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars were floated as possible lead acts for the gig this year, ultimately Coldplay won the privilege—or got stuck with the obligation, depending on whether the band members consider themselves a Big Boi or an André 3000 …

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