Newswire: Unsellable Ivanka Trump merchandise gets re-labeled as “Adrienne Vittadini”

We’ve written before about Ivanka Trump’s sinking clothing line, as the American public votes with its wallet and turns away from things labeled Trump. Things have gotten so bad, in fact, that the only way to sell Ivanka Trump sportswear is to take her name off of it and replace it with someone else’s.

Mashable reports that G-III, the company that licenses Ivanka Trump’s brand, “relabeled her inventory as Adrienne Vittadini, then proceeded to sell the clothing items to Stein Mart, a chain of discount department stores with nearly 300 locations in the United States.” G-III admits that it accomplished this switch without informing the Ivanka Trump label. Business Of Fashion muses, however, “While G-III and Stein Mart have both acknowledged their participation in the swap, it is unclear what role Adrienne Vittadini has played.”

At any rate, the switching of labels is surprisingly not illegal …

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